Why Buy a New Nissan? 2017 Altima Features

new 2017 Altima features

The 2017 Altima features are unparalleled, offering many unique combinations you just can’t find elsewhere. In fact, the new Altima is one of the top models on the market. We’ve put together a post of the top five reasons to consider buying the Altima, each of which displays the latest features and design options on this new sedan.

According to Nissan, one of this model’s top features is its interior design. This includes spacious seating for up to five, as well as available leather trim and the latest technologies. You’ll find ergonomic seating, as well as a climate-controlled environment and user-friendly infotainment. Nothing tops the new Altima interior.

Another reason to consider buying the Altima is for its intelligent technology. This model comes with state-of-the-art systems such as Siri Eyes Free to keep you safe and connected as you drive, Bose Premium Audio, and the intelligent NissanConnect system. You can also easily integrate your smartphone, increasing connectivity.

Check out the safety features on the new Nissan Altima. This model comes with the latest engineering, including advanced airbags, LATCH child safety seating, and more. You can rest assured that you’re safe behind the wheel of the new Altima.

The Altima also has a bold exterior design, with sporty looks and an athletic build. Not only does this compliment the impressive performance, but the Altima also has features like LED lighting and optional chrome trim to make your car stand out.

Finally, the new Altima has the latest driver assist technologies. These features optimize standard safety systems, and they include things like Blind Spot Detection, Intelligent Cruise Control, and more. Added peace of mind is one thing you just can’t find elsewhere.

The Nissan Fuel Station of the Future Could Make Charging Automatic

Nissan Fuel Station of the FutureShortly after revealing their Vehicle 2 Grid concept, Nissan made another huge announcement: wireless electric vehicle charging. The automaker is calling the landmark new system the “Fuel Station of the Future.”

These new fuel stations will do away with wires, and according to Nissan, “the whole concept of ‘charging’ will disappear from existence.” The system will involve wireless induction built directly into a city’s infrastructure, possibly making charging unnecessary altogether.

Currently, cell phone makers are toying with similar ideas, which could be a glimpse into the future of autonomously charging vehicles, if successful. How such a program could be commercially accessed and regulated remains unseen.

We don’t know much about the new system, but the Nissan Fuel Station of the Future is scheduled to get its debut next March, possibly at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, before it goes into testing.

In the meantime, come visit us at Nissan of Clinton to check out the many innovative, current Nissan models that we have in store!

Nissan LEAF Technology Powers Vehicle-to-Grid Project

Nissan LEAF technologyHere at Nissan of Clinton we’ve been surprised with the popularity of the LEAF, one of the best-selling all-electric vehicles in the world. With so many on the road, it makes sense for Nissan to look for ways to modify the vehicle-to-grid interaction.

Because the LEAF utilizes advanced technology which can actually generate electricity, researchers in LA are looking to generate revenue by hooking up to the LA Air Force Base. The project will utilize the 13 LEAFS on the base to ultimately lower the cost of ownership. Nissan LEAF technology is only getting better and better.

“As the global leader in electric vehicle sales, Nissan is researching ways to integrate the all-electric LEAF into homes, buildings and power grids to unlock new value that could provide future benefits to customers, businesses and utility companies alike,” said Toby Perry, director of Marketing for Nissan LEAF.

According to Nissan, the company is looking for ways to not only lower recharge time, but also to hook-up to homes and businesses to act as backup generators. In case of an emergency, LEAF engineers argue the all-electric model could eliminate the need for separate generators.

Nissan Encourages Young Girls to Pursue STEM Careers

Girls in STEM CareersIn an effort to help increase enthusiasm for science and technology among highschool-aged girls, Nissan is encouraging young girls to pursue STEM Careers, or those in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At a recent DigiGirlz 2014 program, held at Nissan’s headquarters in Nashville, TN, more than 100 girls attended the free event sponsored by Nissan, Microsoft, and Middle Tennessee State University. The entire program was centered around showing young girls just what sorts of opportunities and careers there are in these fields.

“For Nissan, this is a wonderful opportunity for us as employees to be able to give back directly to all of these girls who, at this point, are trying to figure out what they would like to do with their lives and careers,” said Trisha Jung, Nissan Dealer Operations. “We have a chance to help them explore all of these great concepts and help them to build confidence and vision that anything is possible for them.”

Here at Nissan of Clinton, we also feel strongly about involving women in all fields of technology and science. For more information about this program and to find out how you (or your daughter) can participate in events like this, check out the full story here.

Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert Makes Owning a Car Easier

Easy Fill Tire AlertWith all of high-tech features and systems that come on cars these days, it’s amazing to see how outdated some systems have become. Take, for instance, the normal method of filling a car’s tires to the correct PSI. If you own a car without a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you just have to check occasionally with a gauge to see how the air pressure is doing. Nissan vehicles come with TPMS to make it easier to realize when your tires are over or under inflated. Now, Nissan is introducing Easy Fill Tire Alert on vehicles like the upcoming 2014 Nissan Versa Note. This system alerts the drive when the proper PSI is achieved with a combination of flashing lights and horn alrets. Check out the details below.

Nissan Promotes Tire Inflation Technology – How it Works

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 7, 2013) – Nissan highlights the importance of vehicle tire care during summer driving season by promoting Nissan’s “Easy Fill Tire Alert” system for National Tire Safety Week. Available on five Nissan vehicles, including the all-new 2014 Versa Note, Nissan highlights the importance of tire pressure monitoring systems, like its “Easy Fill Tire Alert” system. This signature innovation takes the guesswork out of regulating tire pressure, and eliminates the need for handheld tire pressure gauges. This system is only found on Nissan and Infiniti products.

Nissan Helps You Drive Safe with Smart Auto Headlights

2013 Nissan Altima HeadlightIt can be tough to remember every single rule and regulation of the road at times. There are some very specific guidelines that drivers are technically supposed to follow and sometimes they can slip your mind, especially during challenging situations and inclement weather. For instance, did you know that in North Carolina drivers are required to use headlights during times between sunset and sunrise, when visibility is less than 400 feet, or when windshield wipers are in use?

Rules about headlight use vary by state as well so if you frequently drive into other states you would have to remember a whole new set of laws. Nissan has made this confusing set of regulations a bit easier for drivers by introducing Smart Auto Headlights on vehicles like the Nissan Altima, Nissan Pathfinder, and Nissan Sentra. This system will automatically turn on headlights when low lighting is detected or when the windshield wipers are in use! Check out the infographic below for more state laws and be sure to stop by Nissan of Clinton to check out this system and others like Nissan’s Easy Fill Tire Alert on our new vehicles.

Headlight Rules by State

University of Oxford Works on a Self Driving Nissan Leaf

2012 Nissan Leaf EVIt’s no doubt; self driving cars are becoming more and more realistic with each passing day. It seems like there is always a new group working to develop more autonomous vehicle technology. The latest news involves a group called Robotcar that is working with Oxford University on a self driving Nissan Leaf. Using a low cost setup that utilizes a system of cameras and lasers, a computer analyzes the car’s surroundings and is able to navigate on its own.

Currently, the car is only able to operate at low speeds on closed roads. However, future tests will work out a system that should allow the car to operate in heavy traffic and to understand complex traffic flows.

It is expected that this system would cost only a few hundred dollars if it moves into production phases and becomes available to the mass market. Check out the videos below showing how the system operates and how it is able to avoid pedestrians that step in its way.

2013 Nissan Leaf to Use less Rare-Earth Metal

2012 Nissan Leaf EVThe Nissan Leaf, the company’s most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle, is about to get even more “green” for the 2013 model year. The EV is continually under scrutiny from the engineers at Nissan and for the coming year, a new process has been developed that allows for the use of a much smaller amount of dysprosium, a rare-earth metal that is notoriously difficult to extract from mines.

The process, named grain boundary diffusion, is much more effective than previous methods of applying dysprosium to the magnets in the Nissan Leafs electric motor. The main purpose of this metal coating is to help keep temperatures down in the extremely high revving motor and to prevent long term wear and tear of the magnets. The new process allows for a much smaller quantity of this metal to be used in order to achieve the same results. While this is great news for the EV from Nissan, it is also good news for other, internal combustion engine, vehicles that also use dysprosium and for the drivers who buy these vehicles. As the metal is quite costly, using less of it allows for a lower cost of production and in turn a better vehicle for a lower price.

Nissan In Car Tech For The 370Z

2013 Nissan 370Z In Car TechThe Nissan 370Z is one of the few classic Japanese sports cars to have survived throughout the years without an extensive pause in production. The original Z car, the 240Z was produced and sold way back in 1969. From there, the Z name went through several iterations including the 280ZX, 300ZX, 350Z, and the current sports coupe. Over the years, the engine has grown, along with the size and weight of the car, but the DNA has remained very much the same. The Z represents a compact, rear-wheel drive, sports-coupe that is affordable and fun to drive.

Modern technology has graced the most recent generation with convenience, safety, and performance systems that make it the best version yet. Check out the Cnet Car Tech review below for a look at some of the features of this classic, modern sports car. If you are interested in this iconic Nissan, stop by the Nissan of Clinton dealership and check it out in person.

Crazy Technology of the Future here Today

If you ever thought using a water powered jet pack was only a thing of video-games and dreams, you were wrong! This amazing invention looks like it came straight from the Green Goblins evil laboratory and gives an ordinary human the ability to fly nearly 40 feet above water. If flying is a dream of yours and you live near a lake or other body of water, it looks like your dreams will now be attainable for the small fee of about $7,000. Watch the video below to get a better feel for the product. We can’t wait to see this sort of technology applied to cars in the future here at Nissan of Clinton.