Messy Gardening: Tips for Cleaning Your Car Interior

tips for cleaning your car interiorIf you’re an avid gardener, then odds are the interior of your car always has patches of mud and dirt caked to the floor and vinyl. Although this time of year is a great time to do landscaping, it is important to keep your interior clean. That’s why we’ve put together tips for cleaning your car interior.

According to Garden Rant, one of the best things you can do while gardening is to carefully lay down plastic before loading up on supplies and materials. Looking for large sheets of plastic? Consider buying furniture and mattress covers. These large, cheap sheets will create a layer between car fabric and dirt. Your local U-Haul sells sheets like this for a couple dollars apiece.

Some gardening materials stink, especially mulch and manure. The best policy is simply not to put these in your car; however, if you must you should definitely follow some additional steps. Consider buying plastic totes with sealable lids, and load up on baking soda. Simply open a box of baking soda and sit it in your car to absorb odors.

Finally, take your time and always carry thick blankets. Some gardening tools look like they came out of a medieval dungeon, and they can do serious damage to your car. Move slowly and lay down thick blankets when transporting tools like hoes, edgers, shears, shovels, and trowels, among other things.

Tips for Dogs in Cars – Always a Danger

Tips for Dogs in CarsIt’s important to remember that during the summer, temperatures inside of a parked vehicle can become extremely hot. In fact, if it’s roughly 85 degrees Farenheit outside, the interior of a parked car can shoot up to more than 120 degrees in just ten minutes.

This is why you should never keep a dog inside of a parked car in the summer. If you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation, here are some tips:

  • Ask if you can bring your dog into whatever location you are headed to.
  • Call a friend or family member and ask them to watch the dog.
  • Tie the dog up outside of the vehicle – if you are in a safe location.
  • Try to park in the shade, where the vehicle won’t get as hot.
  • If it isn’t very hot outside, and your dog will be in safe but uncomfortable conditions, offer it extra clean, cool water.
  • Simply turn around, and go home. It’s not worth it!

Do you have any other tips for dogs in cars? Let us know your ideas in the comments.