Nissan of Clinton Earns Recognition as #1 in Sales Satisfaction for Eastern N. Carolina

Donnie Lamm and Patrick GermondIn order to recognize the excellent customer service and satisfaction we pride ourselves on here at Nissan of Clinton, we have been awarded with the #1 in Sales Satisfaction trophy for the Eastern N. Carolina region. This award is a huge honor and shows the extent that our customers appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into every transaction. Here at Nissan of Clinton we understand that your new car is a big investment and that you want everything just right. That’s why we put our all into helping you find a great new car and in helping you maintain your car and make it last for many thousands more miles.

This trophy reflects not only on our employees, sales, and service staff, but also the great customers who make every day a joy. As such, we would like to thank each and every one of you for helping us to better help you. While Donnie Lamm, GM, Nissan of Clinton, accepted the trophy from Patrick Germond on behalf of the dealership, he also wants to thank everyone who has made it possible.

“Thank you for your effort,” Lamm says to both employees and customers. “Without you, none of this is possible. So thank you very much!”