Nissan TITAN King Cab Added to Lineup

TITAN King Cab

With the TITAN King Cab, it has wide-opening rear doors for easy access to the back seats. The body style comes on both the half-ton TITAN and TITAN XD.

The Nissan TITAN lineup is finally complete with the addition of the King Cab body style. This cab fits in between the standard single cab and full-size Crew Cab. The King Cab has available seating for up to six passengers and even offers a “rear seat delete” option for buyers who want a secure, flat loading area.

With the TITAN King Cab, it comes with wide-opening rear doors for easy access to the back seats. The body style is available on both the half-ton TITAN and TITAN XD.

On the TITAN XD, King Cab models will be 230.5 inches long and come with a 6.5-foot bed. This cab is available on the S, SV, and PRO-4X trims. It can be paired with either the Cummins 5.0-liter V8 Turbo Diesel or the 5.6-liter Endurance V8 gasoline engine. On the TITAN half-ton pickup, the King Cab models come with a 6.5-foot bed, but the 5.6-liter Endurance V8 gasoline engine is the only option.

“The launch of the new King Cab body is the last step in a journey that began in December 2015 with the debut of the breakthrough TITAN XD, which continues to carve out a unique white space between competitors’ heavy-duty and half-ton trucks,” said Fred Diaz, division vice president and general manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc.

All TITAN models are assembled in Canton, Mississippi, and here at Nissan of Clinton, we are proud to offer the full American-made Nissan truck lineup. Stop by today and pick out your favorite.

Benefits of Driving a Nissan Truck

benefits of driving a nissan truck - nissan of clinton - clinton, nc

If you love pickup trucks, then you know how important it is to have the perfect truck for your lifestyle. Thankfully, a Nissan truck is perfect for anyone. Here are some reasons to call a Nissan truck yours today.

Options – Nissan has three different trucks so that you can find the perfect truck for you. If you prioritize maneuverability and efficiency, you’ll want the Nissan Frontier. The Nissan Titan gives you even more space and strength. And if you want diesel, that’s what the Nissan Titan XD is for. No matter what truck needs you have, Nissan will fulfill them.

Noteworthy – The Nissan Titan is a standout in its class. The 2017 Titan was named the 2017 Truck Trend Pickup Truck of the year. It earned this award for its durability and practicality. If you’re driving a Nissan Titan, you’re driving an award winner.

Innovations – From truck bed innovations to interior technology, any Nissan truck comes packed with the latest innovations. A Utili-track Channel System in your truck bed gives you a smart way to transport cargo and NissanConnect gives you information and entertainment.

Style – When you choose a Nissan truck, you’re getting that aggressive yet sleek style that is sure to turn heads on the road.

Nissan BladeGlider Sport EV Prototype

Nissan first revealed the all-electric BladeGlider Sport concept in 2013 in Rio, Brazil. The car quickly generated plenty of hype all on its own as Nissan, known for staying away from more creative designs, seemed to be thinking outside the box. The hype died down in the following years but now Nissan is proving its mettle. Say hello to the Nissan BladeGlider Sport EV prototype!

That’s right—Nissan is going full throttle with its futuristic hotrod, and that isn’t just a figure of speech. Under the hood of this all-electric sports car are twin 130 kW motors that can produce a whopping 268 hp and 521 lb-ft of instant torque. That gives this crazy car a zero-to-60mph time of under five seconds. Boasting a top speed of 115 mph, things are about to get exciting with the Nissan lineup.

Best of all, Nissan has revealed not just one, but two working prototypes, proving the automaker is serious about futuristic designs. While the BladeGlider Sport EV still isn’t heading to the production line, it does hint at what’s yet to come, perhaps what is to be under the hood of the Nissan LEAF.

We here at Nissan of Clinton can’t helped but be amazed at the technology behind the Nissan BladeGlider Sport EV prototype!

Testing the Waters: The New Concept 370Z NISMO Roadster

Concept 370Z NISMO RoadsterCurious Nissan fans that have ever wondered if NISMO – Nissan’s performance line – would ever take the 370Z Roadster and pump it up with agility and performance now have their answer. It’s the new concept 370Z Nismo Roadster recently unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show.

The concept roadster, with its white paint, black trim and trademark red accents, excites with its promise of speed and top-down fun. The electric retractable cloth top fully stows into the trunk, revealing the leather and ultra-suede two-tone Recaro seats, leather steering wheel, and ubiquitous red accent-stitching around the interior.

The 370Z concept has a 7-speed automatic transmission powered up by the 3.7-liter 350hp engine sending 276 pound-feet of torque to the rear tires. This drivetrain is enhanced by the NISMO-tuned struts, stabilizers, springs, and suspension for a tighter handling ride.

There is a possibility this exciting sports car makes its way into production, but that depends on the reception from fans and consumers following its release. Stay tuned to Nissan of Clinton for NISMO performance line updates.

Nissan LEAF Technology Powers Vehicle-to-Grid Project

Nissan LEAF technologyHere at Nissan of Clinton we’ve been surprised with the popularity of the LEAF, one of the best-selling all-electric vehicles in the world. With so many on the road, it makes sense for Nissan to look for ways to modify the vehicle-to-grid interaction.

Because the LEAF utilizes advanced technology which can actually generate electricity, researchers in LA are looking to generate revenue by hooking up to the LA Air Force Base. The project will utilize the 13 LEAFS on the base to ultimately lower the cost of ownership. Nissan LEAF technology is only getting better and better.

“As the global leader in electric vehicle sales, Nissan is researching ways to integrate the all-electric LEAF into homes, buildings and power grids to unlock new value that could provide future benefits to customers, businesses and utility companies alike,” said Toby Perry, director of Marketing for Nissan LEAF.

According to Nissan, the company is looking for ways to not only lower recharge time, but also to hook-up to homes and businesses to act as backup generators. In case of an emergency, LEAF engineers argue the all-electric model could eliminate the need for separate generators.

Techniques for Saving Gas on Your Summer Road Trip

2014 Versa If you’re planning a summer road trip, we at Nissan of Clinton have some tips on what you can do, short of setting the gas prices yourself, to get the most miles per gallon from your vehicle. For any vehicle, large, small; old, new; alternative fuel, old-school gas guzzler; these techniques will help them all.

  1. There is no need for speed. Part of taking a road trip is enjoying the actual trip, not just the destination. Besides, if you ease your foot off the gas pedal a bit, you’d be surprised how much further you could go on a gallon of gas.
  2. Steady wins the race. Be careful not to accelerate too quickly or brake too abruptly. This not only decreases your fuel efficiency, but it’s also damaging to several vital parts of your car, including the engine and transmission.
  3. Pack lightly. Obviously, you’ll have to use your own discretion, but the more junk in the trunk, the more gas it will take to move you down the road. Also, if you absolutely must tie luggage, etc. to the top of the vehicle, try to keep it as flat as possible. If you aren’t using your bike rack, take it off. All of these factors will increase wind resistance and decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

There’s no need to let fuel prices get in the way of your summer fun. Keeps these tips in mind as you drive, and go have a great time! Let us know how far your summer travels take you.

Nissan Working on Self-Cleaning Car Prototype

Nissan has announced it is working on the first ever “self-cleaning” car prototype, a car that would allow you to drastically reduce your visits to the car wash… or eliminate them altogether.

Nissan used a European Note hatchback as the prototype, but any vehicle would probably do, because the key behind the “self-cleaning” technology is a special layer of super hydrophobic (anti-water) and oleophobic (anti-oil) material it calls Ultra-Ever Dry sprayed over the paint.

The material acts like a protective layer between the paint and the environment, constantly shielding it from water- and oil-based gunk, which is just about everything.

The term “self-cleaning car” is actually a bit misleading though, as the end result is a car that doesn’t exactly clean itself but rather one that never gets dirty in the first place.

Nissan has no plans to make Ultra-Ever Dry a standard feature as of yet, but it may become available as an aftermarket addition in the future. Stay tuned to Nissan of Clinton for more.

Nissan Encourages Young Girls to Pursue STEM Careers

Girls in STEM CareersIn an effort to help increase enthusiasm for science and technology among highschool-aged girls, Nissan is encouraging young girls to pursue STEM Careers, or those in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At a recent DigiGirlz 2014 program, held at Nissan’s headquarters in Nashville, TN, more than 100 girls attended the free event sponsored by Nissan, Microsoft, and Middle Tennessee State University. The entire program was centered around showing young girls just what sorts of opportunities and careers there are in these fields.

“For Nissan, this is a wonderful opportunity for us as employees to be able to give back directly to all of these girls who, at this point, are trying to figure out what they would like to do with their lives and careers,” said Trisha Jung, Nissan Dealer Operations. “We have a chance to help them explore all of these great concepts and help them to build confidence and vision that anything is possible for them.”

Here at Nissan of Clinton, we also feel strongly about involving women in all fields of technology and science. For more information about this program and to find out how you (or your daughter) can participate in events like this, check out the full story here.

Nissan Set to Display Restored “Craigslist Nissan” at Headquarters

1997 Nissan Maxima

Source: Nissan Image Library

When Luke Aker posted his humorous video advertising his 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE on Craigslist, he certainly didn’t expect all this to happen. First, Nissan actually bought the Maxima from him for $1,400. After making such a surprising purchase, though, Nissan had to decide what to do with it—and decide they have.

Working with MotorAuthority, Nissan has concluded that they will restore the beat-up, well-driven car to its intended condition. Then, they’ll put up the Maxima on display at their American headquarters in Franklin, TN. The finishing touch? Aker’s original video will be playing alongside the display for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, all of this will take some time to set up. “We are still assessing the project to determine cost and timing,” said Rob Robinson, Nissan Social Communications Senior Specialist. We’re pretty excited to see Aker’s car restored to its original glory here at Nissan of Clinton. Make sure to come and see us and take your own Nissan for a spin as well.

Do Want: Nissan Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins

Nissan Frontier Diesel Cummins TurbodieselThe 2014 Chicago Auto Show was full of new cars and exciting technology, but the vehicle that really caught our eye was the new Frontier Diesel Runner from Nissan. Its full name is actually “Frontier Diesel Runner Powered By Cummins,” because it’s—well, you guessed it, powered by a hulking Cummins diesel engine.

Nissan Frontier DieselUnlike many vehicles shown at the auto show, the Frontier is called a “project” by its makers as opposed to a concept. This means Nissan is trying to measure just consumer interest for a diesel engine for a next-generation Frontier, and that means the next Nissan pickup won’t be a diesel—but the one after that could.

And we really hope it will, because under the hood of that bad boy was a 2.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 200 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Nissan claims it’ll perform 35% better than the current-gen Frontier where fuel economy is concerned, which brings it extremely close to 30 mpg on the highway. Do want.

We don’t know when it’ll be made—we don’t even know if Nissan will make it. But we do know where you’ll be able to find it when or if it does: right here at Nissan of Clinton.