4 Important Fall Car Maintenance Tips

16Fall is the perfect time to perform regular maintenance on your car, especially as we prepare to launch into winter. While winter may not be as brutal here in North Carolina as it is in the northern US, it is still crucial to perform some routine maintenance in the fall to keep your car running smoothly until spring.

  • Test your lights: It’s going to start getting darker sooner. Make sure all lights—headlights, taillights, brake lights, etc.—are in working order. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out.
  • Change your oil: Changing your oil is the most crucial routine maintenance task. The changing of the seasons can serve as your quarterly reminder to check your oil level and get it changed at Nissan of Clinton when you hit your next milestone.
  • Change out your wiper blades: Fall and winter can bring some powerful storms. Make sure your wiper blades can provide clear vision for you by replacing them before you get caught in the rain or snow.
  • Test your battery: Batteries die more frequently in colder weather. Test your battery strength and replace it if necessary.4 Important Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Need help with your fall car maintenance? Bring it in to Nissan of Clinton today.

Road Trip Games for the Family

Keeping occupied on a long trip can be difficult, especially since there’s not many things to do in the car. Fortunately for drivers, kids can be easily distracted with a fun family game. Kids both young and old enjoy some fun road trip games, and you may end up enjoying yourself as well. Here are a few fun road trip games for the family as suggested by us here at Nissan of Clinton!

The Alphabet Game

This game involves two players, each choosing a side of the vehicle. Each player then tries to complete the alphabet in order from A to Z using only the letters that appear on signs or license plates on their respective sides. The first player to complete the entire alphabet (without skipping letters) wins!


The Telephone game requires at least three people to play properly. The first person whispers a story to the second person, who then whispers it to the third person, and so on. The last person repeats the story for the entire car to hear. It’s more than likely parts of the story were changed or lost, making it a great game for some laughs.

The Theme Song Game

Playing this game is as easy as humming the tune to a TV show. Other passengers then try to guess the show. The first person to guess correctly gets to hum the next theme song, and so on.

So get ready for your summer vacation and when you’re packing your bags don’t forget about these fun games! They’ll make the time go by quicker and everyone will have fun!

Best Nissans for Recent Grads: Altima, Rogue, Sentra

Looking for the best Nissans for recent grads? There are a number of options to choose from, and the Altima, Rogue, and Sentra are among the best for several reasons. Not only are they affordable, but they are also safe, versatile, and advanced. When you drive any of these three Nissan models, you get all the great features of a luxury or high-performance car without breaking the bank.

The Altima is a sporty sedan that has the perfect combination of athletic appeal and quality design. Recent grads have a lot on their mind, including student loans, job applications, and more. According to Nissan, the Altima is an ideal car for these buyers because it comes with features like a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an Xtronic CVT—a fuel-sipping powertrain that saves you money without sacrificing performance. So, while you’re making payments on student loans and driving to interviews, you’ll save at the pump while also truly loving your ride.

Additionally, the Rogue is perfect for those who want an SUV. Many recent grads are migrating to big cities, which makes the Rogue—a compact SUV—an ideal choice. You can easily fit a bike, camping equipment, or whatever else you need for your next adventure without buying a massive SUV. The Rogue is the perfect SUV for recent grads.

Finally, the Sentra is a practical sedan that looks fantastic. You can get up to 37 mpg highway* when properly equipped, while the contoured exterior is bound to turn some heads. This model also has Bluetooth®, NissanConnect℠, and more. Stop by Nissan of Clinton to test drive the Sentra, as well as the Altima or Rogue.

*EPA estimates only. Actual mileage may vary.

Nissan TITAN King Cab Added to Lineup

TITAN King Cab

With the TITAN King Cab, it has wide-opening rear doors for easy access to the back seats. The body style comes on both the half-ton TITAN and TITAN XD.

The Nissan TITAN lineup is finally complete with the addition of the King Cab body style. This cab fits in between the standard single cab and full-size Crew Cab. The King Cab has available seating for up to six passengers and even offers a “rear seat delete” option for buyers who want a secure, flat loading area.

With the TITAN King Cab, it comes with wide-opening rear doors for easy access to the back seats. The body style is available on both the half-ton TITAN and TITAN XD.

On the TITAN XD, King Cab models will be 230.5 inches long and come with a 6.5-foot bed. This cab is available on the S, SV, and PRO-4X trims. It can be paired with either the Cummins 5.0-liter V8 Turbo Diesel or the 5.6-liter Endurance V8 gasoline engine. On the TITAN half-ton pickup, the King Cab models come with a 6.5-foot bed, but the 5.6-liter Endurance V8 gasoline engine is the only option.

“The launch of the new King Cab body is the last step in a journey that began in December 2015 with the debut of the breakthrough TITAN XD, which continues to carve out a unique white space between competitors’ heavy-duty and half-ton trucks,” said Fred Diaz, division vice president and general manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc.

All TITAN models are assembled in Canton, Mississippi, and here at Nissan of Clinton, we are proud to offer the full American-made Nissan truck lineup. Stop by today and pick out your favorite.

Amazing South Carolina Road Trips to Take in Your Nissan

South Carolina Road Trips

Spring is here, which means warmer and sunnier days ahead. Check out some of these fun South Carolina road trips you could plan to take.

Spring is here, which means warmer and sunnier days ahead. If you’re planning to spend some days travelling on the road this year, head to our beautiful neighbor to the South, South Carolina! Check out some of these fun South Carolina road trips you could plan to take. And, if you need a new road trip cruiser, come see us now at Nissan of Clinton.

  • Lighthouse road trip. Travel up or down the east coast of South Carolina and see some of the most beautiful and historic lighthouses in the state.
  • Haunted road trip. If you love all things that make you jump, travel across the state and visit these seven spectacularly spooky sites, including the grave site of Alice Flagg, one of South Carolina’s most famous ghosts.
  • Waterfall road trip. This breathtaking road trip has you visit seven beautiful waterfalls across the state and will take less than 5 hours of driving.
  • Amazing places road trip. This route takes you past Table Rock, the Pretty Place Chapel, Whiteford’s Giant Burger, and more. You might be able to hit every spot on just one tank of gas.
  • Ghost towns road trip. Drive past some of South Carolina’s forgotten towns. You’ll see the remnants of Pickneyville, Colonial Dorchester, and more.

What is your favorite road trip route to take in the spring?

Why Buy a New Nissan? 2017 Altima Features

new 2017 Altima features

The 2017 Altima features are unparalleled, offering many unique combinations you just can’t find elsewhere. In fact, the new Altima is one of the top models on the market. We’ve put together a post of the top five reasons to consider buying the Altima, each of which displays the latest features and design options on this new sedan.

According to Nissan, one of this model’s top features is its interior design. This includes spacious seating for up to five, as well as available leather trim and the latest technologies. You’ll find ergonomic seating, as well as a climate-controlled environment and user-friendly infotainment. Nothing tops the new Altima interior.

Another reason to consider buying the Altima is for its intelligent technology. This model comes with state-of-the-art systems such as Siri Eyes Free to keep you safe and connected as you drive, Bose Premium Audio, and the intelligent NissanConnect system. You can also easily integrate your smartphone, increasing connectivity.

Check out the safety features on the new Nissan Altima. This model comes with the latest engineering, including advanced airbags, LATCH child safety seating, and more. You can rest assured that you’re safe behind the wheel of the new Altima.

The Altima also has a bold exterior design, with sporty looks and an athletic build. Not only does this compliment the impressive performance, but the Altima also has features like LED lighting and optional chrome trim to make your car stand out.

Finally, the new Altima has the latest driver assist technologies. These features optimize standard safety systems, and they include things like Blind Spot Detection, Intelligent Cruise Control, and more. Added peace of mind is one thing you just can’t find elsewhere.

And The Truth Shall Set You Free: Dispelling Car Myths

Car myths - cell phone at gas pump

Is using your cell phone while pumping gas dangerous? We debunk some car myths

The reason that some car myths persist is because they are so essential to the classic action-movie shootout. Think about it. How many times have you seen the protagonist dive behind a vehicle to escape a hail of bullets? Without that vehicle, he or she would be a goner, and that makes for a bad action movie.

The only problem? Vehicles don’t stop bullets.

There are some other car myths that are less dramatic but just as untrue. Take the idea that manual transmissions are more fuel efficient than automatic transmissions. Anyone who promulgates this notion is merely guilty of being behind the times. Stick shifts used to be more efficient, but thanks to advances in technology, automatics have surpassed their manual counterparts.

One old car myth has actually created a new, opposing myth. The old myth was that you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Nowadays, you can do more like 5,000 to 10,000 miles. However that doesn’t mean that you never have to change your oil, as another myth insists.

What about when the protagonist shoots the bad guy’s vehicle and it blows up…is that real? No, that’s not real either. Bullets pass through gas tanks without incident. So, you can breathe easy next time you are driving past that gun range.

Nissan of Clinton Earns Recognition as #1 in Sales Satisfaction for Eastern N. Carolina

Donnie Lamm and Patrick GermondIn order to recognize the excellent customer service and satisfaction we pride ourselves on here at Nissan of Clinton, we have been awarded with the #1 in Sales Satisfaction trophy for the Eastern N. Carolina region. This award is a huge honor and shows the extent that our customers appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into every transaction. Here at Nissan of Clinton we understand that your new car is a big investment and that you want everything just right. That’s why we put our all into helping you find a great new car and in helping you maintain your car and make it last for many thousands more miles.

This trophy reflects not only on our employees, sales, and service staff, but also the great customers who make every day a joy. As such, we would like to thank each and every one of you for helping us to better help you. While Donnie Lamm, GM, Nissan of Clinton, accepted the trophy from Patrick Germond on behalf of the dealership, he also wants to thank everyone who has made it possible.

“Thank you for your effort,” Lamm says to both employees and customers. “Without you, none of this is possible. So thank you very much!”

University of Oxford Works on a Self Driving Nissan Leaf

2012 Nissan Leaf EVIt’s no doubt; self driving cars are becoming more and more realistic with each passing day. It seems like there is always a new group working to develop more autonomous vehicle technology. The latest news involves a group called Robotcar that is working with Oxford University on a self driving Nissan Leaf. Using a low cost setup that utilizes a system of cameras and lasers, a computer analyzes the car’s surroundings and is able to navigate on its own.

Currently, the car is only able to operate at low speeds on closed roads. However, future tests will work out a system that should allow the car to operate in heavy traffic and to understand complex traffic flows.

It is expected that this system would cost only a few hundred dollars if it moves into production phases and becomes available to the mass market. Check out the videos below showing how the system operates and how it is able to avoid pedestrians that step in its way.

2013 Nissan LEAF Better Than Ever

2013 Nissan LeafFor the 2013 model year, Nissan has worked to create an even better and more drivable EV. The 2013 Nissan LEAF features a new, base-level, S-trim, refined electronics, improved charging and battery life, and new technology. Offering better features than ever before, the 2013 LEAF would be a great option for drivers who want the satisfaction of never paying for gasoline again, but are concerned about EV range or comfort.

The new LEAF lineup for 2013 now consists of three, unique, trim levels. The LEAF SV and LEAF SL carry over from last year, with a few upgrades and improvements, and the new LEAF S provides buyers with a lower cost entry point into the world of gasoline-free driving.

Standard features, included even on the LEAF S, consist of 6-way manual adjustable driver’s and 4-way manual adjustable passenger’s seats; full, power windows with driver’s side “one-touch” automatic function; power locks with auto-lock function; a trip computer featuring driving time, range, outside temperature, instant energy consumption, and average energy consumption; center console with a storage bin; automatic climate control; a 3.6 kW charger; variable intermittent wipers; and 16-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers.

2013 Nissan LEAFThe SV trim level adds some great technology and convenience features. A 7-inch color LCD screen displays CARWINGS telematics and the Nissan Navigation system, Pandora for iPhone, and more. A quicker charging, 6.6kW charger is included and a more efficient, hybrid heating system helps reduce the draw on batteries. Aluminum-alloy rims, a 6-speaker audio system, partially recycled seating, cruise control, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror make the ride a bit more stylish and enjoyable. B-Mode driving is also added; increasing the aggressiveness of regenerative braking for increased range.

2013 Nissan LeafFinally, the SL trim level tops off the lineup with some great luxury features and even more energy-saving technology. This trim level adds auto on/off LED headlights, which use about half of the energy compared to traditional Halogen lighting, and fog lights. HomeLink and leather seats increase comfort and convenience on the inside while 17-inch Aluminum-alloy wheels help with styling. A quick-charge port is available along with a spoiler mounted solar panel to help with charging.

Be sure to stop by Nissan of Clinton for more information about the latest EV from Nissan. One final feature of the 2013 LEAF is the option to add packages to any trim level for a personalized experience.