Nissan Leaf Connectivity to Public Cloud

Nissan Leaf Connectivity Nissan and its CIO Celso Guiotoko are banking on cloud computing with the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf is one of the company’s most important vehicles, and the cloud will be helpful with operational functions in both marketing and engineering.

Guiotoko says that the cloud has proven to be valuable by offering more flexibility, providing additional capacity, improved security, and allowing more investment to innovation.

The Leaf is fully electric, and designed to be a connected vehicle, using the Microsoft Azure as the public cloud platform of choice. Several of its components are cloud-connected and have features that allow owners of the Leaf to do things such as remotely trigger the air conditioning or heat.

Guiotoko states that Nissan is expecting the electric vehicles to continually increase in popularity over the years. Therefore, Nissan has put the whole backend platform for the Leaf in the public cloud. This gives the company “the flexibility to provision more capacity when needed.” This also allows Nissan to quickly implement and take advantage of new technologies, including the possibility of autonomous driving.

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