Nissan Promises to Expand Electric Vehicle Quick Charging Stations Nationwide

Electric Vehicle Quick Charging StationsNissan has kicked it into high gear in their efforts to make electric vehicle quick charging stations more widely accessible. The automaker has promised a total of 1,700 CHAdeMO DC quick charging stations by April of next year, up from the 800 or so currently up and running.

Today, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the leading markets for the Nissan LEAF, thanks to the wide availability of quick-charging ports in the area. In an effort to better support those markets and encourage the expansion of quick charging stations nationwide, Nissan plans to step up its investment in the technology over the next year.

As of the beginning of 2015, Nissan has helped install over 800 DC quick chargers, and has plans to increase that number by 300 to 1,100 by April of this year. In the following 12 months (between April 2015 and April 2016), Nissan says it will help to invest in at least 600 more chargers, bringing the total to 1,700 or more.

“Access to quick chargers that can provide about 80 percent charge to a Nissan LEAF battery in less than 30 minutes has proved to increase our owner satisfaction and get more buyers to consider the benefits of an all-electric car,” said Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Deployment. “Nissan continues to invest heavily with our charging partners to ensure that LEAF owners have easy access to convenient public charging as they seek to maximize the benefits of their cars.”

According to, locations for the new chargers are not yet known, but we’d expect that many will find their way to high-demand areas, and we hope to see others expand into less saturated markets.

Here at Nissan of Clinton, we are hopeful that wide access to EV charging stations will help encourage new car buyers to consider the LEAF for themselves. Stop by to learn more!

Nissan and CarCharging Plan to Expand EV Charging Network

Nissan has announced a collaborating initiative alongside the Car Charging Group to make EV charging more readily available and to expand consumer awareness of the electric car market.

Nissan LEAF Charging PortBrendan Jones, Nissan director for EV Infrastructure, said, “Nissan’s commitment to expanding EV charging infrastructure—including quick chargers with businesses such as CarCharging—not only supports today’s Nissan LEAF and other EV drivers, but also helps prepare communities for the increasing use of EVs. With more than 25,000 Nissan LEAFs already on U.S. roads, bolstering infrastructure further accelerates the adoption curve as it provides range confidence and promotes additional zero-emissions driving.”

The first goal for the initiative is to deploy nearly 50 Nissan quick chargers on the East Coast as well as in California. CarCharging and Nissan will continue to educate consumers about the EV charging infrastructure and the ease and benefits of public EV charging. CarCharging is also developing a mobile application that provides charging station location information with turn-by-turn directions included.

“CarCharging is thrilled to enhance our products and services by including Nissan’s quick chargers in our public EV charging network and to offer our evCharge card to consumers who purchase a LEAF at a Nissan dealership,” said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging.

For more information on this new initiative, visit

Nissan Puts Together a Leaf NISMO

2013 Nissan Leaf NISMO

The New Year is full of new ideas and innovative products. Nissan improved the 2013 Leaf to fit exactly what consumers were asking for.  By adding a faster 6.6-k W onboard charger, lowering the newly designed trim cost, improving regenerative brakes and updating the interior, the 2013 Nissan Leaf is more practical than ever. Nissan added lots of improvements to the 2013 Leaf, but is taking the hybrid one step further in Japan. In Japan a version of the Leaf, named Nismo, is rumored to add more excitement to the lineup.

The the Nissan Leaf Nismo will be a tweaked version of the Nissan Leaf.  Some of the known improvements will include:

  • Edgy aerodynamic body kit
  • New alloy wheels
  • Interior upgrade
  • Suspension package
  • Weight reduction

Combining this list of changes allows the innovative Nissan Leaf Nismo to potentially display better performance, more efficiency, and a more controlled handling.

Nissan will start production this summer in Japan only. Production will start in Japan to gauge the impact the Leaf Nismo within the market place. To learn more about the newly updated 2013 Nissan Leaf visit the Nissan of Clinton dealership in Clinton North Carolina.

Plug In America National Plug In Day

With the interest of increasing global acceptance and knowledge about electric vehicles, Plug In America, along with the Electric Auto Association and the Sierra Club, has arranged to hold the second annual National Plug In Day. This second annual event has the purpose of educating interested individuals about EVs and putting them together with drivers and advocates who have answers and experience. It will be held on Sunday, Sept. 23rd.

After a super successful National Plug In Day last October, the group has recruited 60 cities to take part in the second installment. At each city’s Plug In celebration, activities and scheduling are lead by local drivers of electric vehicles and advocates of alternative fuels. At these events, interested visitors will be able to learn and experience more about EVs than they could by researching or going on one short test drive.  Activities include ride-alongs, information stands tailgating and parades, and more. While the primary focus is education, visitors are sure to have a lot of fun riding along with EV owners in their cars, test driving available EVs, having questions answered, and attending demonstrations.

The event is not sponsored or endorsed by any company or specific model of EV and all electric vehicles are welcome, including some crazy home-built concoctions. Common sightings at events like this include the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Toyota Prius and Prius Plug-In, Chevy Volt, and even the Tesla Roadster. However, these are hardly the only vehicles you are likely to see. Who knows who or what you will run into.

There is one event within 75 miles of Clinton, North Carolina. At Nissan of Clinton, we highly encourage anyone interested to go check out the Plug In Day Celebration at Durham, NC.

Nissan Heisman House

Nissan’s new ad campaign, Nissan Heisman House, targets football fans by featuring Heisman Trophy winners and Nissan vehicles in commercials that can make anyone laugh. The football stars encounter rivalry and personal space issues that seem all too believable. The commercials feature 12 of the trophy winners, including two-time winner Archie Griffin and “the rook” RG3. It’s always fun to see these guys try their hand at commercials and Nissan gets to showcase vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, Altima, Pathfinder, Titan, and 370Z.
Check out the videos below!

Portugal’s Police LEAFs

The Nissan LEAF is definitely gaining popularity with drivers over here in the United States. As more and more people warm to the idea of a means of transportation that relies entirely upon an electric drivetrain, we are seeing a good number of these EVs out on the road. It really does seem like the LEAF does a good job of transporting most people on their everyday routes. The real world driving range of around 73 miles as tested by the EPA is more than enough to carry the average person along their daily commute or to go run a few quick errands. A real sign of how well the car is being received though can be seen in Portugal.

The Portuguese police are implementing eight of these all-electric hatchbacks into their fleet of around 5,000 vehicles. While these cars are scheduled for use in the Safe School Program and for other light work like parking duty, they are also fully outfitted to “perform other police duties at any time” if they need to. As you can see in the pictures, these Nissan LEAFs have been outfitted with police decals and blue sirens. One of the key benefits of the LEAF as a police vehicle is its near silent operation; allowing it to arrive undetected at the scene of a crime. The country’s strong network of EV charging stations is what really makes this idea feasible.

If you ever find yourself speeding in Portugal, look out for these LEAF police cruisers. Until then, if you want to check out the Nissan LEAF you can stop by Nissan of Clinton to see one in person and learn more!

Nissan LEAF Stretch Limo

In an effort to keep limousine fleets as green friendly as possible, Imperial Coach Builders of Missouri has created the first ever all-electric stretch limo! Using a standard Nissan LEAF, this limo company stretched it out and outfitted it with an extra set of rear facing seats and some comfy amenities just like any other limo.

Initially, I was a little skeptical of the stretched out LEAF, but after seeing the video below, I think it looks pretty cool! And for all those Hollywood celebrities that want to be earth friendly without giving up their VIP status and comfortable travel, this is the way to go. Who knows, maybe in a few years our kids will be taking one of these to prom.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a tradition in the United Kingdom since 1993 initiated by the Earl of March in order to re-establish the Goodwood estate as a destination of British racing history.  One of the most famous events that take place here is the annual hill-climb in which racers and manufacturers compete to see who can put a car through the uphill course fastest. There are many other events as well in this multi-day automobile extravaganza.

Nissan will be making another appearance this year after last year’s world record setting run in which stunt driver Terry Grant navigated the entire hill climb in the Nissan Juke… on two wheels! (Video below. There’s a few points where he almost loses control!) In addition to the stunt run, Nissan will also be sending the LEAF NISMO RC up the hill for the first ever timed run for an electric racing car.

On display at the festival will be the latest Nissan GT-R “Track Pack” and the Juke-R along with supercars and exotics from just about every car company. We won’t have cars driving on two wheels, but if you want to check out our inventory you can always stop by Nissan of Clinton. It’s probably an easier commute than Goodwood, UK too!

Nissan Leaf Holds a Great Resale Value

Owners will be glad to hear that after about a year of use, the Nissan Leaf retains about 95% of its original cost to the buyer. According to Automotive News, the Leaf holds its value better than the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius, its two closest competitors. This does account for the $7500 federal tax incentive when factoring the original cost but it is still excellent.

The Nissan Leaf is a five-door, all electric vehicle that runs on a 24kW lithium-ion battery pack. The power generated by the electric motor comes to around 107 horsepower and 208 lb-ft of torque. This powers the Leaf to a top speed just under 90 mph and from 0 – 60 in under 10 seconds. Real world experience puts the range of the electric vehicle at around 80 or 90 miles. All of these numbers suggest that the Leaf would be an excellent car to get around the city in and for small trips around town. You can charge the battery back to about 80% in 30 minutes using a 440-volt “Quick Charge” stations which should only become more common as time passes.