Essential Back-to-School Driving Safety Tips

Though it may be hard to believe, summer is almost over, which means it’s time for another school year to begin. Even if you don’t have a child in school, you’ll be sharing the road with parents and bus drivers who are responsible for getting children to and from school safely. Here are some essential back-to-school driving tips to ensure that happens, courtesy of Nissan of Clinton.

  • Be alert. We tend to be our sleepiest first thing in the morning, when millions of American students are commuting to school. Make sure you’ve given yourself enough time (or coffee) to wake up before getting behind the wheel.
  • Slow down. Drive the speed limit always, but especially during school commute times and especially in residential areas and in school zones, where children will be more likely to be walking along the streets.
  • Watch out for bicycles. Many children ride their bikes to school. Keep alert for bicycles, which can be more difficult to see without keen eyes.back-to-school driving safety tips
  • Reverse with care. Always check your rearview mirror and backup camera before reversing, but still take the care to physically look behind you. When backing up, especially into a residential street, do so slowly.
  • Follow all school bus laws. Abide by all school bus laws, stopping when indicated. Never pass a stopped school bus and exercise extreme caution when driving near them.

Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel TipsTraveling during the holidays has the potential to be either a wonderful, hassle-free experience or your worst nightmare. To achieve the former and avoid the latter, it’s best to know what you’re doing. The time you travel and how you pack are major factors in your holiday travel plans. Take it from us here at Nissan of Clinton. Here are some holiday travel tips to get you to your destination as easily as possible.

  1. Pack Wisely. What you pack and how you pack can make all the difference when arriving at the airport. Look up a copy of the TSA’s rules on liquids and gels so you know how to pack them and how much you can take without hassle by security. If possible, ship your extra clothes and other unnecessary luggage for the flight to your destination. Pack everything else in your carry-on to avoid extras bag checking fees and save time.
  2. Travel Early/Late. Midday flights are usually booked in the weeks before the holidays so you may only have the option to travel early in the morning or late at night. This isn’t a bad thing and could even be a blessing in disguise. Traveling in the early morning or late at night means less crowds. There will be shorter wait times and planes are less likely to be delayed in the morning.