Tips for Driving with a Baby

Especially for first-time parents, there are a billion things to think about and remember when you have a new baby. One of the least talked about is driving safety. Besides making sure your car seat is secured, here are some tips for driving with a baby that will keep you and your little one safe.

One tip is to avoid giving your baby food or small toys while you’re driving. If they should start to choke, you don’t want to be going sixty miles an hour down the freeway.

You should also make sure their pacifier is secured to their clothing or the seat, so that if they spit it out and start crying you aren’t rooting around in the backseat looking for it.

The same goes for toys—keep your baby entertained and prevent them from throwing toys across the car.

Another important tip is to register your car seat. You’ll get information on recalls or defects promptly!

Drive safe, and above all else, keep that carseat strapped in tight!

Know the Hazards of Bulky Winter Coats in Child Safety Seats

Winter Coats in Child Safety SeatsYou’ve already heard everything you need to know about car seat safety thanks to Child Safety Protection Month in November: types of car seats, which one is best for you, and how to install it. What else could there be to discuss?

As with everything, winter makes a big difference.

Our instinct in the cold season is to wrap our young children in the biggest, puffiest winter coats to keep them warm. While that may be useful outdoors, inside the car a bulky coat can be dangerous when paired with a car seat. If it makes the harness too loose, and there won’t be enough constraint during a crash, which could result in ejection.

First, check to see if the coat is too big to wear under the harness. Consumer Reports explains how to do this: put your coat on your child, place him/her in the car seat, and tighten the harness until you can’t pinch any more of the strap. Remove your child from the seat without loosening the harness. Remove the coat, and then put your child back in the seat. Once he’s buckled, if you can now pinch webbing from the harness strap, the coat is too bulky.

If you find the coat is too bulky for proper safety, you can still keep your child warm. After securing your child (minus the coat) in the safety seat, put the coat on backward so it acts like a blanket with arms. Or take the coat off the child and lay a blanket snugly across the seat.

We at Nissan of Clifton want to keep our children warm as much as you do, so remember our instructions when putting winter coats in child safety seats