What’s That Sound? Weird Noises Coming From Your Car

When something is wrong with a friend or family member, they are able to tell us how they feel and explain what’s got them under the weather. Our cars, however, cannot express this in the same way. Thus, it is important for you to be vigilant to the sounds your car make, as they can indicate the health of your vehicle.

So what do you do if you hear weird noises coming from your car? Contact Nissan of Clinton for service—we’ll be happy to investigate and fix the problem.weird noises coming from your car

To help you narrow things down, here’s a quick guide to what those noises might mean:

  • A clunky sound when you brake can mean some part of your brake is malfunctioning or that your steering system has worn components.
  • A transmission that grinds when you shift gears can mean that your clutch is worn or needs to be adjusted. It could also indicate severe damage to your transmission.
  • Squeaky brakes can indicate that your brake pads are near the end of their life. It might also indicate that they are wet.
  • A knocking sound emanating from the hood can mean that your air filter is clogged or that you need a tune-up.

There are several kinds of noises you should follow up on if you hear them while driving. Contact our service department if you need help diagnosing them and fixing the issues that might be causing them.

4 Important Fall Car Maintenance Tips

16Fall is the perfect time to perform regular maintenance on your car, especially as we prepare to launch into winter. While winter may not be as brutal here in North Carolina as it is in the northern US, it is still crucial to perform some routine maintenance in the fall to keep your car running smoothly until spring.

  • Test your lights: It’s going to start getting darker sooner. Make sure all lights—headlights, taillights, brake lights, etc.—are in working order. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out.
  • Change your oil: Changing your oil is the most crucial routine maintenance task. The changing of the seasons can serve as your quarterly reminder to check your oil level and get it changed at Nissan of Clinton when you hit your next milestone.
  • Change out your wiper blades: Fall and winter can bring some powerful storms. Make sure your wiper blades can provide clear vision for you by replacing them before you get caught in the rain or snow.
  • Test your battery: Batteries die more frequently in colder weather. Test your battery strength and replace it if necessary.4 Important Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Need help with your fall car maintenance? Bring it in to Nissan of Clinton today.

Messy Gardening: Tips for Cleaning Your Car Interior

tips for cleaning your car interiorIf you’re an avid gardener, then odds are the interior of your car always has patches of mud and dirt caked to the floor and vinyl. Although this time of year is a great time to do landscaping, it is important to keep your interior clean. That’s why we’ve put together tips for cleaning your car interior.

According to Garden Rant, one of the best things you can do while gardening is to carefully lay down plastic before loading up on supplies and materials. Looking for large sheets of plastic? Consider buying furniture and mattress covers. These large, cheap sheets will create a layer between car fabric and dirt. Your local U-Haul sells sheets like this for a couple dollars apiece.

Some gardening materials stink, especially mulch and manure. The best policy is simply not to put these in your car; however, if you must you should definitely follow some additional steps. Consider buying plastic totes with sealable lids, and load up on baking soda. Simply open a box of baking soda and sit it in your car to absorb odors.

Finally, take your time and always carry thick blankets. Some gardening tools look like they came out of a medieval dungeon, and they can do serious damage to your car. Move slowly and lay down thick blankets when transporting tools like hoes, edgers, shears, shovels, and trowels, among other things.