Renault-Nissan and Caterham Plan To Create A New Sports Car

It has been discovered that the Renault-Nissan Alliance has been planning a collaborative project with Caterham Cars to produce a new sports car. The car in question? None other than the Alpine A110-50 that was premiered in Europe over this past summer. This mid-engine, rear-wheel drive sports coupe was a concept car that celebrated the 50th birthday of the original Alpine A110 rally car.

The concept car had a 3.5 liter V6 engine positioned behind the driver and passenger seats that was rated at an impressive 295 horsepower. Caterham Cars is an England-based sports car company that is known for producing a number of spirited driver’s cars. Together, these two companies should be more than capable of producing an excellent track car. Chances are slim that it will ever make its way over here to the states, but we can always think positive!

Plug In America National Plug In Day

With the interest of increasing global acceptance and knowledge about electric vehicles, Plug In America, along with the Electric Auto Association and the Sierra Club, has arranged to hold the second annual National Plug In Day. This second annual event has the purpose of educating interested individuals about EVs and putting them together with drivers and advocates who have answers and experience. It will be held on Sunday, Sept. 23rd.

After a super successful National Plug In Day last October, the group has recruited 60 cities to take part in the second installment. At each city’s Plug In celebration, activities and scheduling are lead by local drivers of electric vehicles and advocates of alternative fuels. At these events, interested visitors will be able to learn and experience more about EVs than they could by researching or going on one short test drive.  Activities include ride-alongs, information stands tailgating and parades, and more. While the primary focus is education, visitors are sure to have a lot of fun riding along with EV owners in their cars, test driving available EVs, having questions answered, and attending demonstrations.

The event is not sponsored or endorsed by any company or specific model of EV and all electric vehicles are welcome, including some crazy home-built concoctions. Common sightings at events like this include the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Toyota Prius and Prius Plug-In, Chevy Volt, and even the Tesla Roadster. However, these are hardly the only vehicles you are likely to see. Who knows who or what you will run into.

There is one event within 75 miles of Clinton, North Carolina. At Nissan of Clinton, we highly encourage anyone interested to go check out the Plug In Day Celebration at Durham, NC.

Nissan Heisman House

Nissan’s new ad campaign, Nissan Heisman House, targets football fans by featuring Heisman Trophy winners and Nissan vehicles in commercials that can make anyone laugh. The football stars encounter rivalry and personal space issues that seem all too believable. The commercials feature 12 of the trophy winners, including two-time winner Archie Griffin and “the rook” RG3. It’s always fun to see these guys try their hand at commercials and Nissan gets to showcase vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, Altima, Pathfinder, Titan, and 370Z.
Check out the videos below!

The “Drift Idiot” Show How Much Fun You Can Have In An Old Set Of Wheels

Nissan is known for making great performance cars that are just as good on the track as they are on public roads. But how many of us are actually going to take a beautiful brand new 370Z out to the track and risk seriously messing up the paint job? It is for this reason that many of Nissan’s older cars are coming back onto the racing and tuner scene. Drivers can pick up an old, RWD coupe, strip it of unnecessary weight, put a small amount of money into go fast mods, and they have an instant track toy. And since these cars have usually already seen a decade or two of parking lot dings and sun damage, scratching the paint is not an issue!
Watch below as the “Drift Idiot” takes an old 240SX and learns to get it sideways!

Nissan Applies Self Healing Paint To iPod Cases

Often times, technology seems to find its way from one industry over to another industry over time. And usually when this happens it is something that seems natural. But Nissan has really come up with a doozy this time! The automobile company has decided to apply some of its most cutting edge technology to… iPod cases!

That’s right; the car company is tossing around the idea of applying its amazing self-healing paint to iPod and iPhone cases. This paint is available on several Nissan vehicles like the 370Z, Murano, and X-Trail along with Infiniti cars. The amazing stuff, known as Smart Shield paint is able to “heal” over small surface scratches in as little as a few hours while larger blemishes can take up to a week or two to fully heal. Now I can only assume that Nissan has turned to some form of dark magic to make this possible, but it is downright amazing! And now it can be applied to the things we drop and scratch up the most… our phones and iPods! Good move Nissan… Good move!

Project 370Z Videos All In One Place

The recent Project 370Z campaign by Nissan has recently wrapped up and the final video has just been released. In this project, Nissan put together a custom 370Z according to votes from fans.  Stage one included engine and handling upgrades like a twin turbo kit, adjustable coil-over springs, a big brake kit, and a cat-back exhaust. In stage two, they tuned the Z to achieve maximum output from the upgrades. They also did some work on the interior to make it sportier and more custom. In stage three, the custom 370Z was revealed to the public. Watch all three short videos below showing the work as it was completed.

What Exactly Does CVT Stand for Anyways?

If you have been looking at Nissan’s newer cars in the past few years, you have probably seen the acronym CVT (which stands for Continuously Variable Transmission) and just assume it was some sort of mechanical wizardry that you would never grasp. Well at first I thought the same thing. However, after some quick research and a little reading I now understand how Nissan can create a transmission that has no “shift points” and delivers optimal power to the wheels at any speed.

Most traditional transmissions have anywhere between four and eight distinct gear ratios that limit how much of the cars effective power band can be utilized. A CVT, on the other hand, is able to hover at the ideal RPM while seamlessly choosing between infinitely many gear ratios. This allows the transmission to optimize fuel efficiency or power depending on driving style. Should the driver have the pedal mashed to the floor, the engine could hover at the optimal RPM for horsepower and torque while the transmission chooses which ratio to be in based on speed. But if you are just cruising along at 70 mph and want to maximize fuel efficiency, the engine can sit right above idling speed; allowing the transmission to deal with what ratio to be in.

I’m no mechanical genius, so it might be more beneficial to watch this excellent video put out by Nissan about the CVT. It seems much easier to grasp when there are visual representations. If you are really interested in the workings of this transmission you could test drive a new Nissan at Nissan of Clinton to experience this technology for yourself.