Nissan LEAF Customers in Rome Ride Bikes for Free Charging

Nissan has developed a very interesting way to stress the importance of clean energy creation and use. From now until July 6 of next year, Nissan LEAF customers in Rome will be able to benefit from taking part in the “DinamoBike – enjoy your power” project in order to earn incentives to buy a new Nissan LEAF.

The “DinamoBike – enjoy your power” project encourages citizens of Rome as well as visitors to convert their kinetic energy into energy for other uses by riding stationary bikes. Those who attempt the challenge for at least 10 minutes, then consume energy (such as coffee) at the DInamoBike Café, can purchase a new Nissan LEAF at a discount.

But it’s not just a discount that is incentivizing these “bikers”; those who participate will also earn two years of free energy to recharge the new Nissan LEAF.

An added bonus for participating in the program is a free shuttle (via a Nissan LEAF, of course) to the historic center of Rome.

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Nissan Green Technologies: Breakthrough Eco-Friendly Design

Nissan green technologiesNissan is gearing up for the summer with some great new green technologies. These include an advanced lithium-ion battery system and analysis method, something capable of drastically expanding the driving range of electric vehicles. Nissan is redefining the future of mobility.

According to Nissan, the research and development branch recently teamed with the Tohoku University, the National Institute for Materials Science, the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency in order to develop an atomic analysis methodology to boost the performance of batteries.

“The invention of this new analysis method is essential to further develop the next generation of high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. It will certainly become one of our core technologies. The utilization of this analysis method in our future R&D will surely contribute to extending the cruising range of future zero-emission vehicles,” said Takao Asami, senior VP of Nissan.

While Nissan green technologies might sound a little technical, the good news is that battery-powered vehicles will now have a significantly longer range. The company was basically able to rapidly test a range of materials for new batteries, determining that certain silicon compounds work better than others. In short, models like the LEAF will have better performance and better range in the coming years.