Kick Off the New Year with These Fun Things to Do in Clinton

The new year is finally here, so let’s take 2018 by storm. The weather might be cold, but there are so many cool things to do in Clinton, North Carolina, that are worth braving the falling temperatures for. Take some time this month to get out and try out some of these awesome places and activities:

  • Sampson County History Museum: If you are a native North Carolinian or just a history buff, you will enjoy this museum set on two acres, featuring historic artifacts and antiques unique to the area.
  • Seven Gables Skating Rink: Whether you need a dose of nostalgia or something fun to do with the kids, this skating rink is the perfect place for family fun.
  • Heidi Lippman’s Art: Drive around Clinton looking for the works of contemporary artist Heidi Lippman. Her work is scattered throughout town, oftentimes built into the city’s architecture, like on glass walls, mosaics, and rooftop installations.things to do in Clinton
  • Burney’s Sweets & More: Have a sweet tooth? Then you will not want to skip out on visiting Burney’s in downtown Clinton, where you can enjoy treats like cakes, cookies, and the ever-popular cake pops.

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Festivals in Clinton, North Carolina

Clinton, NC Festival

Clinton, NC Festival

Here in North Carolina, there is a seemingly never-ending run of fairs and festivals, especially in the summer and fall. All year long, there are festivals dedicated to music, food, and fun. Here are some festivals in Clinton and the nearby area that you should add to your calendar.

  • Coharie Annual Pow-Wow. For the 48th year in a row, the local Coharie Tribe will host its Pow-Wow during the second weekend in September. This event is open to the public and includes competition drumming and dancing along with American Indian food, crafts, and more.
  • Court Square Street Fair & Barbecue Cook-Off. This is Clinton’s largest annual event held each year in October. This year, the fun will take place on Sunday, October 14th. Come to explore the booths and stalls of local vendors and make sure to try some killer barbecue from the cook-off.
  • Halloween on the Square. This free Halloween event is sponsored each year by the Clinton Police Department and includes rides, games for children, and more.

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Trick or Treat Safety for Kids

trick or treat safety

Halloween is around the corner, and you know what that means – trick or treat! Come the 31st, there are going to be lots of little kids running around in costume looking to get their sugar fix. Maybe you have a child of your own that’s excited to dress up for free candy. Here’s some trick or treat safety tips that can be put to good use this Halloween season to make sure everybody gets their treats without any tricks.

First of all, trick or treating with your child is crucial. No child under 12 should be allowed to go out without an adult, and those who are old enough to go without supervision should stay in well-lit, familiar areas.

Children should be instructed to walk safely. Don’t let kids play on their mobile devices; they should keep their heads up to see where they’re going. Only cross at corners and stay on the sidewalk when not crossing the street. If possible, plan a route in advance to minimize the amount of times you’ll need to cross the street.

Keep an eye out for dangerous costumes too – masks obstruct children’s vision, and if the child is wearing a dark costume, have them wear reflective tape or carry a glowstick.

Trick or treat safety is important. Even if you aren’t taking the kids out, it’s important to drive safely around costumed trick or treaters, too. Let’s keep our kids and our community safe this Halloween!

Fun Fall Activities in Clinton, NC

fun fall activitiesLooking for something to do this fall? There are plenty of fun fall activities in Clinton, North Carolina.

Old School Sorghum Festival: Technically in Roseboro, only a 17 minute trip away from Clinton, this festival introduces guests to a tour of the old school as well as vendors, historical exhibits, interactive activities, and much more. Check it out on October 15th.

Sampson County History Museum: This museum has a “Historical Hauntings” event coming up on Halloween, but if spooky stuff isn’t your thing, you can come any other day for a fun and educational glimpse into the past of Clinton and the surrounding Sampson County area.

Halloween on the Square: Downtown Clinton offers trick-or-treating for youngsters on the Square for the 4th year in a row! With pumpkin carving, a ghost hunt, live music, and, of course, plenty of free candy, this is a great way to do something different and fun for Halloween.

Hubb’s Corn Maze: Hubb’s is open the rest of the year under the name Hubb’s Farm, but the famous corn maze is only open from September 17th through November 12th. There are tons of activities and games for kids onsite besides just the maze like Corn Hole, a Tire Mountain, a Giant Sandbox, and much more.

Fun fall activities aren’t hard to come by in Clinton. Check out one or all of the events listed on this blog and you’re sure to have a good time.

Experience Downtown Clinton in North Carolina

Experience Downtown ClintonClinton, North Carolina sits at the heart of Sampson County, where a host of activities and attractions ranging from local businesses and restaurants to a taste of North Carolina culture to a friendly, tight-knit community await you. Whether you like the arts, the outdoors, shopping, or local cuisine, you don’t know Clinton until you experience Downtown Clinton.

For those wanting a bit of a cultural experience, places like the Sampson Theatre or the public art piece known as “Milling Around” might be good stops for you. The Theatre has been in operation for forty years and boasts historical architecture, while “Milling Around” presents a stunning visual centerpiece for the downtown area for passersby to admire. There’s also the Sampson County History Museum and the Historic District for history buffs.

Also make sure to stop by the Farmer’s Market & Tree Park. It’s a great way to experience locally-grown produce while supporting nearby farmers. Plus, the park is beautiful as well! Even if you stop by on a day the market isn’t open, the park is available for a leisurely stroll or a nice picnic.

Experience Downtown Clinton and get a taste of the charming regional atmosphere unique to the city of Clinton, North Carolina. There’s nothing quite like it.

Celebrate National Bike Month with These Great Bike Trails near Clinton

bike trails near ClintonMay is National Bike Month and we couldn’t think of a better time of year to head out and explore the beautiful world all around us. If you’re in need of a new vehicle to transport your bike, here are some of the best Nissan vehicles for carrying bicycles.

  • Nissan Frontier. This smaller pickup truck is a great option for packing up your bikes and your gear.
  • Nissan Armada. When you need maximum space for both passengers and cargo, the full-size Armada will fit the bill.
  • Nissan Rogue. The spacious interior gives you lots of space for either passengers or your gear. You can even attach a bike rack to the rear end for maximum versatility.

Once you have your bike-carrying vehicle of choice, it’s time to head out. Try out some of the scenic bike trails near Clinton.

  • Buffalo Creek Greenway. This paved path runs through both woods and waterways in nearby Johnston County. Along the way you’ll find picnic areas, restrooms, and parks.
  • Cape Fear River Trail. Head west to Cumberland Country to take a ride on the beautiful Cape Fear River Trail that winds through woodlands and marshes.
  • Raven Rock Loop Trail. For some mountain biking, you can head up to Raven Rock State Park. Improve your skills and enjoy the beauty of nature all around.

Where are your favorite bike trails near Clinton?

5 Best Places to Eat in Clinton, NC

Places to Eat in ClintonClinton, North Carolina, might not be a big city, but its local restaurants are filled with some of the biggest and boldest flavors around. If you’re in town and looking for a good meal, here are our suggestions for the best places to eat in Clinton.

Southern Style Barbecue: The next time you’re craving some authentic Southern BBQ, roll up your sleeves and dive into this casual, affordable eatery. They even offer some amazing fried chicken that has the perfect crispy crunch.

Oasis Oyster Bar & Grill: A great date location, this unique restaurant has a wide selection of fresh seafood on the menu. Everyone who eats here loves the shrimp.

Ribeyes Steakhouse: Great for lunch or dinner, this all-American restaurant offers a variety of flavorful dishes, from wings to wraps and everything in between.

Tortillas Carolina: Everything is homemade at this festive Mexican take-out joint. There isn’t any room to sit and eat here, but you’ll be too focused on the mouth-watering, spicy brisket tacos you ordered to care.

Alfredo’s Ristorante Italiano: Known for having the best pasta in town, this cozy Italian restaurant not only has great food at reasonable prices, but the service is always wonderful. That’s why it’s consistently the highest-rated restaurant in Clinton.