Why Regular Service at the Dealership is the Best Way to Ensure Your Nissan Lives a Long and Problem-Free Life

Not only is your Nissan dealership your best resource for any new or pre-owned Nissan model, but it will also help you maintain it in optimal condition. Whether you are doing routine maintenance or are in need of collision repair, ensuring that your Nissan receives quality service and parts will go a long way toward maintaining its value and reliability. Take a look below to learn more about the advantages of dealership auto repair:

  • Parts

If you want your car to look, sound, and run as good as the day you drove it off the Nissan dealership lot, then you’ll need original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. Independent shops frequently use cheaper non-OEM parts to cut down on costs, but there is no standard for assessing the reliability of aftermarket components. Don’t underestimate the importance of OEM parts for collision and mechanical repairs; every Nissan vehicle is thoroughly tested to withstand certain stress limits and if one part fails, then it could compromise the safety and efficiency of your vehicle.

  • Convenience

Nissan dealerships also maintain an inventory of some of the most common OEM parts, ensuring that any repairs are made as quickly as possible. In addition, Nissan dealerships have access to the latest technical service bulletins for all new Nissan models before independent repair shops do, ensuring that any common problems are corrected immediately.

  • Service

Nissan technicians undergo rigorous training in order to service every new or pre-owned Nissan as efficiently and quickly as possible. Even if an independent shop advertises ASE-certified technicians, it is still no guarantee that they’ll have the experience or diagnostic and repair tools to ensure comprehensive repairs.

For the best service for all new and pre-owned Nissan models, contact us here at Vester Nissan of Clinton, N.C. Our team of highly experienced team of ASE-Certifies and factory-trained technicians will help you maintain your Nissan in pristine condition. For more information, call us at (910) 249-4088 orschedule a service appointment online today.

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