Nissan Note Goes Zorbing Inside World’s Largest Zorb

What is carzorbWe know what you’re thinking. The Nissan Note goes whating in what? We’ll back up. What is CarZorb?  A zorb is one of those giant inflatable balls that people crawl into, and zorbing is the act of rolling down a hill in said ball. Call it a sport or call it a recreational activity, zorbing looks seriously fun.

Apparently Nissan agrees, because they took a Nissan Note, lovingly put it in the world’s largest zorb, pushed it down a hill, and filmed the whole thing for our viewing pleasure. The CarZorb took more than two months to build, measures 60 feet in diameter, and weighs a metric ton.

The Nissan Note’s zorb is a metaphor for the Note’s “Safety Shield,” and the stunt is a way of demonstrating just how effective the safety shield technology is.

“The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to provide motorists with a whole range of technology that creates a protective bubble around you and your car. Our Safety Shield technology in particular is unrivalled amongst other small family cars,” said Bastien Schupp, Vice President Strategy Marketing in a recent news release. “Creating a life size CarZorb to highlight the technology is an exciting and memorable way of reminding people about the benefits of Nissan’s Safety Shield.”

Nissan’s Safety Shield is the result of several Nissan safety technologies packaged together, including Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Moving Object Detection technologies. Stop by Nissan of Clinton to put the Note to the test (though we have to admit, there will be no zorbing involved).

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