New Nissan Kicks Concept Vehicle Honors the Spirit of the People of Brazil

Nissan is a global brand. That might seem like an obvious statement since the company is based in Japan but does much of its business in markets like North America and Europe. However, Nissan was apparently unsatisfied with its global footprint and has been searching for new was to forge a better connection with its customers in far-flung markets. Enter the new Nissan concept vehicle, the Kicks Concept, which aims to directly reflect the people of Brazil, its target audience.

The Concept premiers at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show on November 9, a fitting location for the vehicle designed to mirror the lives and spirit of Brazilians. “This concept is a product of global collaboration, but it was inspired by the streets of Brazil and designed for its people,” said Mamoru Aoki, Executive Design Director of Nissan’s Global Design Strategy Department.

Like a true global company, though, Nissan isn’t just stopping in Brazil, though. They are hoping to make the Kicks Concept—or at least its design principles—available all around the world. “It’s not only just for the Brazilian market, but we capture the idea of Brazil and then we apply it to our global design improvement, making a stronger design lineup for future Nissan designs,” said Ueda.

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