Nissan Struts Sentra NISMO around NAIAS

Nissan Sentra NISMOThe prestigious North American International Auto Show has almost reached its conclusion for 2014—the last day of the show is Sunday, January 26—but Nissan’s Sentra NISMO Concept will keep people talking, including the staff here at Nissan of Clinton, for months to come. The Sentra NISMO Concept builds off a classic Sentra frame and body, but then makes drastic changes to the makeup and attitude of the familiar sedan.

First, the NISMO Concept morphs the family-sedan looking exterior of the Sentra into a veritable racecar, streamlining the car into a race-car inspired silhouette, more aggressive and aerodynamic than before. The NISMO Concept also sees changes to the suspension, steering, and transmission; so the car doesn’t just feel like a race car, but drives like one too.

Pierre Loing, Nissan Vice President of Product Planning, revealed that the new Sentra NISMO Concept was inspired by the brand’s loyal and passionate customers. “Fans have asked that we bring back a high-performance Sentra straight from the factory, just like in generations past,” said Loing. “With NISMO, our in-house motorsports arm, already producing versions of the 370Z NISMO, JUKE NISMO, JUKE NISMO RS and upcoming GT-R NISMO, we wanted to demonstrate where we could go in the future.”

If the Sentra NISMO Concept is any indication, it looks like Nissan can go just about anywhere it wants in the future—and get there fast and in style.

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