Nissan Celebrates 80 Years of Success

December 2013 marks the eightieth year of producing reliable and attractive vehicles for the Nissan brand. As Nissan celebrates 80 years of success the company looks back on some of the bigger moments of their history.

2012 Nissan Leaf EVSome of the larger moments include the completion of the company’s first mass-production plant in 1935, the company’s first design team, the creation of the Tama electric vehicle in 1947 (a very early precursor to the Leaf), the merger with Prince Motors in 1966, the introduction of the Datsun global brand, numerous race victories, the introduction of the Inifiniti brand in 1989, Lithium Ion Battery research beginning in 1992 which eventually paved the way for the Zero Emissions Nissan Leaf, the Ranault – Nissan alliance in 1998, and much more.

Here at Nissan of Clinton, we hope that Nissan will continue to produce great new vehicles and technology for another 80 years and more. For more information or to test drive any of our great vehicle visit us at the Nissan dealership in Clinton, NC today or give us a call any time at (910) 590-2005.

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