Nissan’s Scent of the Future Suggests a World with Zero Emissions

FlowerEveryone knows the famous “New Car Smell” that scientists try so hard to recreate and capitalize on. It’s a scent that is associated with the success of buying a new car and knowing that everything is in perfect working order. Something that’s a bit harder to nail down is the smell that goes along with EVs like the Nissan Leaf. That’s why Nissan and Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist Dr. George Dodd have teamed up to create what they are calling the Scent of the Future.

Designed to bring up positive thoughts about well-being; clean, fresh, organic landscapes; and nostalgic feelings, this “Scent of the Future” is Nissan and Dodd’s take on what a world of zero emissions could smell like. Air fresheners, embedded with the scent, are being sent out to Nissan Leaf drivers as a special Christmas thank you for playing a part in reducing emissions.

Check out the video below for a more detailed description about the scent and how it was made.

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