Nissan Tests New PRO4X Trucks in Southeast Texas “Gumbo” Mud

2013 Nissan TitanNatives of Southeast Texas are surrounded by some of the most unforgiving swampy territory in the United States. In fact, the mud there is so thick locals call it “gumbo” mud. This region is where Nissan took its newest breed of truck, the PRO4X series, for some serious off-road testing.

Hosting the testing was Sure-Shot Game Calls, which produces world class duck calls. Local media attended the event and were able to put the Nissan trucks through intense testing and drive through the thickest mud they could find.

Hillary Dyer, editor for Waterfowl and Retriever, said to Nissan, “We sure enough tried to bury these things. And I mean we tried. We just couldn’t do it. We got stuck for just a second and we were able to rock ourselves right out.”

What makes the PRO4X trucks so unstoppable are the added features, such as aggressive tires, a rear-locking differential, and an off-road tuned suspension.

We can’t wait until these trucks make it to production. Watch this video to see the mud sloshing in action or come test drive a new Nissan truck for yourself at the Nissan dealership here in Clinton, NC.

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