Who’s Faster? NISMO vs Wingsuit

NISMO vs. WingsuitWant to watch something that will get your heart pumping? Take a look at Nissan’s stunning video titled “NISMO vs. Wingsuit” to see a thrilling race between 2012 GT Academy winner Peter Pyzera and Base jumper Dave Barlia.

Set in the Alps in Switzerland, the two athletes are racing down a treacherous mountain pass with Barlia flying in his wingsuit and Pyzera navigating the switchbacks in his 370Z NISMO. Barlia reaches speeds of over 130 mph in his descent down the mountain and comes within 10 feet of the rocky mountain.

Both were wearing biometric harnesses that measured their heart and breathing rates. The data showed that even when their heart rates were highest their breathing was quite slow, meaning that they were “in the zone.” For Barlia this peak happened when he was passing over the 370Z NISMO with just feet to spare.

Want to know who wins this amazing race? We won’t spoil it for you. Go watch the video and you can skip a coffee break. Then, watch the behind the scenes video and the video showing how they worked with the biometric analysis.

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