Nissan Payment Extension Helps Customers in Need

Nissan Payment DeferralAt Nissan, we understand that you can’t always plan life out the way you think it will go. That’s why the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. (NMAC), the financial services division for the automaker, is proud to offer a standard extension of loan payments during times of need. This payment assistance program is intended to help returning and new customers who have financed a vehicle through NMAC and have come upon difficult or unexpected financial situations. For customers that have financed their retail vehicle through NMAC, payments can be deferred for up to 90 days. During the deferment period, there will be no additional fees and deferred interest will be added to the contract balance over the remaining term.

“NMAC is sympathetic to any of our customers who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances-many times outside of their control-and we want to provide assistance to help them through those times of uncertainty,” said Mark Kaczynski, president, NMAC. “Our customers’ needs are the No. 1 priority at Nissan, which is why we have this program available on an ongoing basis.”

This program is intended to help all Nissan customers, but with the recent government shutdown, it also applies to government employees who have recently been furloughed indefinitely. For more information contact us at 910-590-2005 or stop by the dealership in Clinton, NC today.

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