Nissan Goes Further with Zero Emissions, Introduces e-NV200 Electric Taxi for Barcelona

Nissan e-NV200Taking one step further into the world of zero emissions vehicle, Nissan and the city of Barcelona have teamed up to implement a fleet of e-NV200 full-electric taxi vans. In this move, the city will lead the global rollout of the new fully-electric taxi van from Nissan and help to work out any issues that need to be resolved for smooth implementation in future markets. Beyond the initial goal of having a large number of electric taxis available to tourists and locals, the city hopes to one day use electric vans as delivery vehicles.

“We applaud Barcelona city for making this clear commitment to integrating the revolutionary Nissan e-NV200 electric vehicle into the city’s taxi fleet. We are delighted that the city where we will build this new vehicle is leading the way in promoting clean transportation for the benefit for all its citizens and visitors. The e-NV200 is a revolutionary product that will make zero emission taxis and goods delivery vehicles a reality in cities across the globe from next year.” said Carlos Ghosn, Nissan President and CEO.

This move also helps to increase the readiness of the market for electric vehicles for individuals. By working to improve the infrastructure and increase the number of charging stations available, it will be easier for customers to get into electric vehicles in the future. The project can also improve how people feel about electric cars by increasing the amount of interaction people have with EVs. For more information or to check out our inventory of Nissan Leaf EVs, stop by our Nissan dealership here in Clinton, NC.

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