College Football Returns along with the Nissan Heisman House

Nissan Heisman HouseFor the third year running, Nissan envisions what would happen if the winners of the Heisman Trophy were put together to live in the same house in their campaign known as the Nissan Heisman House.  Over the last two years, Nissan put out a number of humorous vignettes and this year appears to be starting off the same.

For the first commercial of the season, Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, RGIII, Sam Bradford, Tony Dorsett, and Earl Campbell are featured in a funny “Kids these days” sketch. In the initial scene, RGIII and Sam Bradford roll up in a 370Z and poke fun at Desmond Howard and Barry Sanders for acting like old men. Flash back to the 80s and you see that it was Howard and Sanders who rolled up in a Nissan 300ZX and making fun of Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell for the same reason.

In the end, we’re just happy here at Nissan of Clinton that college football is back and that Nissan is continuing their tradition of funny commercial for the season.

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