MotorbooksMobile Bus Scheduled to Visit nearby Attractions

flame jobCar people naturally like to get together and appreciate the relationship of form and function that is so inherent in automobiles. Motorbooks, one of the most respected publishers of automotive books, celebrates the design and functionality of all sorts of cars and trucks throughout history and has recently created a mobile bookstore to help spread the joy.

The MotorbooksMobile bus will be attending a number of events and car shows around the country this year in order to give enthusiasts a chance to see and buy books they otherwise might have never heard of. Lucky for us here in North Carolina, the bus will be attending two large events nearby. On October 17 – 19, it will attend the “Cruisin’ the Beach” auto show in Myrtle Beach, SC which is an open car show featuring hot rods and custom cars. On October 25 – 27, the bus will be in attendance at “Goodguys Southeastern Nationals”, one of the largest hot-rod gatherings and car shows. Be sure to check out these events if you are in the area. For more exciting car news and the latest Nissan models, stop by Nissan of Clinton.

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