Nissan Designers Explain Their Work with Clay Models

Nissan Versa Note Clay Model DesignFor the vehicle design team at Nissan, clay models are an important tool that can help artists and manufacturers to visualize a finished product. The process of transferring design sketches into a real, working production vehicle can take months and even years and moving from drawings and renderings into a physical model is a huge step.

Nissan Versa Note Clay Model RearFor clay sculptors like Hiroshi Kato and Naoki Maekawa who worked on the new Nissan Versa Note, creating a model that represents the original design and fits with current architecture is a multi-step process. First, they will create a number of ¼ scale clay models that show different interpretations and design options. Once the team settles on one design they move into a full-size clay model that will feature every design cue and style line on the production vehicle.

It is an interesting process to watch and here at Nissan of Clinton we highly recommend you check out the video below. It’s always good to understand the amount of work that goes into the design of modern vehicles.

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