University of Oxford Works on a Self Driving Nissan Leaf

2012 Nissan Leaf EVIt’s no doubt; self driving cars are becoming more and more realistic with each passing day. It seems like there is always a new group working to develop more autonomous vehicle technology. The latest news involves a group called Robotcar that is working with Oxford University on a self driving Nissan Leaf. Using a low cost setup that utilizes a system of cameras and lasers, a computer analyzes the car’s surroundings and is able to navigate on its own.

Currently, the car is only able to operate at low speeds on closed roads. However, future tests will work out a system that should allow the car to operate in heavy traffic and to understand complex traffic flows.

It is expected that this system would cost only a few hundred dollars if it moves into production phases and becomes available to the mass market. Check out the videos below showing how the system operates and how it is able to avoid pedestrians that step in its way.

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