Project 370Z Crowdsourced Racecar Accepts Challengers

As you may recall from a few months back, we covered the creation of a custom Nissan 370Z racecar being created known as the Project 370Z. Nissan allowed fans to vote on what sort of parts would go into the build in order to make it powerful, reliable, agile, and aggressive looking. In the end, the sports coupe was upgraded and tuned to reliably put down 500 horsepower. This is a huge jump from the already impressive 332 hp that is generated by the stock engine.

Project 370ZThe primary modifications include a GReddy Twin Turbo kit with supporting mods of Type RZ Blow-Off Valves and GReddy Turbo Ti-C Exhaust systems for freer flowing exhaust gasses. A fully-adjustable coilover suspension setup helps with handling and looks while VOLK TE37SL rims in Carbon Black and interior modifications, like a short throw shifter and racing seats, give it the racing appearance. Finally, a custom paint job lets everyone know what sort of power this Z is packing, even from a distance.

Now Nissan is accepting challengers who think they have a faster 370Z. By entering the contest, fans can get a chance to compete against the Project 370Z car in a series of racing challenges to see if their ride is faster or better at certain events. Check out the video below.

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