GT Academy 2012: Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Nissan GTR GT AcademyIf you have been keeping track of Nissan’s 2012 GT Academy competition, than you know that it is Nissan’s way of advertising all of their vehicles, but in the most amazing ways possible. If you’ve been watching it on SPIKE TV, then you know that the contestants have already driven the GTR, 370Z, Leaf, Frontier, and other vehicles in awesome challenges. But if you haven’t seen these episodes yet, I suggest watching them all below! This series is like automotive racing meets reality show competition meets car show and it has really been put together well.

Be sure to check back later for more GT Academy episodes. If you are interested in any of the Nissan vehicles they drive on the show stop by Nissan of Clinton in Clinton, NC to learn more or see them in person.

Nissan GT Academy 2012 | Episode 1

Nissan GT Academy 2012 | Episode 2

Nissan GT Academy 2012 | Episode 3

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