Future of the Nissan Z

2012 Nissan 370 ZZ has long been the letter that represents performance oriented and spirited driving for Nissan vehicles. The very first “Z-Car” from the manufacturer was sold in 1969 as the Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan and featured an inline 6-cylinder engine, agile handling, and sporty styling. Through the years, power increased, along with refinement. However, several things remained the same. The Z-Cars have always had sporty and aggressive styling with a coupe body style, dedicated rear wheel drive, and some form of a 6-cylinder engine, either inline or “V” setup.

Now, rumor has it that pressures from customers and competition are about to change some of that tradition. With more and more low cost, sporty coupes appearing on the market and with gas prices continually on the rise, some sources state that the Z will be trading in the traditional six-cylinder setup for a four-banger with a turbo! No official news has been released, but early speculations seem to agree that a retuned version of the Juke’s incredible 1.6 liter four-cylinder could do well in a lighter and smaller Z. Others believe that the 2.0 liter from Nissan’s sister company, Renault, would also be a good option. Whether Nissan decides to build a new engine, go with an existing powerplant, or even switch over to a four-cylinder at all, we are sure that big changes are bound to happen here at Nissan of Clinton!

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