Miniature Car Chases Can Still Have Full-Size Drama

2013 Nissan GT-REverybody loves a good car chase scene! They have everything; action, drama, suspense, awesome cars, and even exploding fruit stands. Any movie can be improved by adding a quality chase scene; even a lot of romance/comedies implement one of these just to make the (unwilling) male viewers happy for about a minute or two. But the problem is high-action chase scenes are inherently costly and dangerous. So how do directors practice without putting down a huge lump of money on cars, special effects, or shutting down roads and endangering stunt men? The answer lies with RC cars and the result is 1/10 scale cars with 100% action!

Watch as a Nissan GT-R stars in this miniature chase scene. Do you think it can escape the long arm of the law even with all those rogue fruit stands getting in the way?

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