Nissan DeltaWing Makes A Comeback

Originally intended to revolutionize the world of automobile racing, the Nissan DeltaWing was designed to be as efficient as possible while still remaining competitive. The initial goals for the car were to use half as much gas and half as many tires when compared to your standard endurance racer. During its debut at the 24 hours of Le Mans, the car was on track to reach these standards but unfortunately collided with a hybrid racecar from Toyota resulting in enough damage to force the team to withdraw after only 6 hours.

Now, the DeltaWing will get a second chance at the Petit Le Mans. The car has been permitted to compete in this 1000-mile, 10 hour event. If the results from the 6 hours of Le Mans racing were correct, the DeltaWing should get around 10.7 MPG compared to a normal Le Mans Racecars 5 MPG.  All of this is really impressive considering that Nissan has also managed to squeeze around 300 horsepower out of a tiny 1.6 liter, inline 4-cylinder engine! If the DeltaWing is able to prove itself at the Petite Le Mans in mid-October, we could be seeing a lot more of these efficient racers in the future!

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