The “Drift Idiot” Show How Much Fun You Can Have In An Old Set Of Wheels

Nissan is known for making great performance cars that are just as good on the track as they are on public roads. But how many of us are actually going to take a beautiful brand new 370Z out to the track and risk seriously messing up the paint job? It is for this reason that many of Nissan’s older cars are coming back onto the racing and tuner scene. Drivers can pick up an old, RWD coupe, strip it of unnecessary weight, put a small amount of money into go fast mods, and they have an instant track toy. And since these cars have usually already seen a decade or two of parking lot dings and sun damage, scratching the paint is not an issue!
Watch below as the “Drift Idiot” takes an old 240SX and learns to get it sideways!

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