Nissan Applies Self Healing Paint To iPod Cases

Often times, technology seems to find its way from one industry over to another industry over time. And usually when this happens it is something that seems natural. But Nissan has really come up with a doozy this time! The automobile company has decided to apply some of its most cutting edge technology to… iPod cases!

That’s right; the car company is tossing around the idea of applying its amazing self-healing paint to iPod and iPhone cases. This paint is available on several Nissan vehicles like the 370Z, Murano, and X-Trail along with Infiniti cars. The amazing stuff, known as Smart Shield paint is able to “heal” over small surface scratches in as little as a few hours while larger blemishes can take up to a week or two to fully heal. Now I can only assume that Nissan has turned to some form of dark magic to make this possible, but it is downright amazing! And now it can be applied to the things we drop and scratch up the most… our phones and iPods! Good move Nissan… Good move!

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