Nissan Design Team Takes a Field Trip to Hang Out with the Blue Angels

Nissan isn’t messing around when it comes to research and development for its sports cars! When most companies try to improve a car, they just look at their competition’s products and try to copy what they see. If they are trying really hard, they may go to the Formula 1 circuit in search of some technology or aerodynamic wizardry. But when Nissan wants to improve its already impressive selection of sports cars like the Maxima, 370Z, and GT-R, they look elsewhere for inspiration!

Nissan wanted to improve the integration of instrumentation in the dash for their future vehicles. So where did they go? A team of designers from Nissan went to Pensacola, FL to talk with some of the best pilots in the world about interacting with gauges, controls, and technology in high stress situations. I don’t know about you, but I would be willing to take a few pointers from the Blue Angels if they were willing to help out.

I wouldn’t expect to see an altimeter or a joystick control in the next GT-R, but something like a projected Heads-Up-Display and repositioned gauges and controls might be in the works! Check out the video below for a look at these lucky designers’ trips to talk with the Blue Angels pilots. And if you just need to get into a sporty car, check out our selection of sports cars in our inventory here at Nissan of Clinton!

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