Nissan of Clinton is Giving Away Prizes on Facebook

Nissan of Clinton located just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina has been upgrading their facilities, and increasing their social media presence over the past couple of weeks and months.  Nissan of Clinton has been running multiple contests through Facebook over the past couple of weeks, and have seen their like grow because of that.

The past prizes given away on Nissan of Clinton’s Facebook page have included: a complete car detail, a $120.00 value, a $25.00 Subway giftcard, and $50.00 giftcard to Walmart.  The prize contests have been simple, Nissan of Clinton sets specific number of “likes” they want to get to on their Facebook, once they reach that specific “likes” number a drawing is conducted and anyone who has “like” the Nissan of Clinton Facebook page has a chance to win.

The next drawing Nissan of Clinton is for a night out at the movies!  When Nissan of Clinton gets to 260 “likes” on their Facebook page one lucky person will receive a pretty awesome prize including: two movie passes, large popcorn, and two medium drinks at the East Park Cinema.  Seems like that is a pretty great prize considering it takes less than a minute of your time to “like” Nissan of Clinton on Facebook, especially if you follow the links here.

Who knows what the future prizes will be for “liking” Nissan of Clinton, but if you “like” Nissan of Clinton now you will surely be made aware of the next drawing prizes.  Getting something for doing not much of anything is great, and with Nissan of Clinton it looks like you can have your cake and eat it too!

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