Nissan Juke NISMO

You may have heard of the modified concept Nissan Juke that was created by taking the mechanical bits of a Nissan GT-R (one of the world’s best street cars) and cramming them into a Juke. The result was a sinister looking Juke that sat lower, cornered harder, accelerated quicker and just did everything better than the production model. The Juke R was almost as incredible as the GT-R from which it inherited most of its attitude but naturally, with a higher center of gravity and parts, not originally intended for a crossover, it was a half step less agile on the track. Realistically, the Juke R just didn’t have a market. Aside from a few wealthy individuals in the UAE and the occasional royalty, nobody would want to buy the Juke R for nearly $600,000 when they could get a GT-R for around $100,000. Aside from a VERY limited run, the Juke R was not produced.

However, due to excellent reception among the public, the Juke R spawned quite a bit of interest in a more reasonable, sportier version of the Juke. This is where NISMO stepped into offer their assistance. NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) is a branch of Nissan that makes performance parts and special, sportier versions of Nissan cars. Rather than use parts from an already expensive supercar, NISMO decided to tune the Juke’s 1.6 liter turbocharged engine for improved output, throw on some suspension improvements, upgrade the interior, and fit a body kit for that aggressive look. No word is out yet on just how much more power the Juke NISMO will make, but hopefully it will bump up horsepower to around 200. With any luck, the NISMO version will get the option of AWD with the six-speed manual also! With that combo, this car would be a veritable Audi killer!

The Juke NISMO is releasing in Europe next year, but don’t worry, we should be seeing it here in the states not too much later. Keep your eyes out for the Juke NISMO and stop by Nissan of Clinton once it makes its U.S. debut!

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